Fleck 5600 (WST-FMM5609T) 1 CF Time Clock Plus Suspended Solids Filter 9 " x 48"

Fleck 5600 (WST-FMM5609T) 1 CF Time Clock Plus Suspended Solids Filter 9 " x 48"

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Our Sediment filters use a multi-media bed comprised of a variety of gravel and sand to trap suspended particulate matter, such as clay and silt, which gives water a cloudy appearance.  The result is clean, clear water. The sediment filter filter bed facilities more thorough backwashing and prevents channeling. Periodic backwashing with our calendar clock control valves cleans the bed.


  • Electrical 110V/60Hz standard (all valves)
  • Clock initiated
  • Multi-media Layered Media Bed
  • Gravel under bedding

Product Features

  • Simple mechanical design is easy to understand
  • Two valve body designs; one for down flow regeneration and for up flow (covers every valve in the 5600 family - quick access to all internal components)
  • Injector/drain modules containing the brine valve, flow controls and injector are removable from the valve's exterior.
  • Ruggedly built timer is designed with heavy-duty 3/8 wide plastic gears
  • 5600 controls are user friendly and easy to program
  • Non-corrosive, UV-resistant Noryl valve body
  • Economical “ small annual power consumption; keeps the time and activates the piston/valve mechanics with a single motor
  • Designed with double backwash
CF: 1
Mineral Tank Size: 9x48
Peak (GPM): 7
Range (GPM): 1.3-4
Height: 61
Shipping (lbs):105